Finding out that you have a life limiting medical condition is devastating.

Counselling and psychotherapy can help you through the devastation and the confusion, and set new priorities for your life.

We do, after all, live with terminal illness, and our life should remain full and fulfilling for as long as possible.


In the 1990’s, when I a young man, I undertook a long research project looking at community counselling responses to the new disease of HIV/AIDS.

At the time there were no treatments for the condition, and it was not uncommon for young people to die within a matter of weeks after diagnosis.

I saw many young men and women die.

It was a transformative experience in my life, and their battles in the face of death (and enourmous stigma) have always stayed with me.


As a counsellor and psychotherapist working with terminally ill people, I bring this wealth of personal experience to bear.

I understand that terminal diagnoses can be roller coaster rides of highs and lows.

I understand that practical matters, like pain control, can needlessly dominate and detract from living fully.

I also understand how difficult it can be opening up to your friends and family with the powerful and confusing emotions that well up.


I can offer you a place to discuss honestly and candidly your difficulties and triumphs of living with a terminal diagnoses.

I can also offer you techniques to help bring peace to your mind and relief to your discomfort.

I’m also happy to be there for as long as you need support … even if that is to the end.


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