sleep disorders psychotherapy in manchester

If we are unable to get a good nights rest, we suffer psychologically, emotionally and physically.

Sleep disorders can be at the root of your sleep problems.


Typical sleep disorders symptoms include:

  • Not being able to get off to sleep.
  • Waking up early.
  • Feeling like you don’t sleep at all.
  • Frightening nightmares.
  • Waking up tired.
  • Sleeping during the day.
  • Unable to wake up in the morning.


There are many psychological problems that impact on sleep.

There are also many physical problems that impact on sleep.

It is therefore important to spend time understanding what is the root cause of your problems.

This may also include being checked out by your G.P.


Once we have highlighted the cause, we can work on remedying the sleep disorder.

In psychotherapy, this may include tackling the root cause, or working on your sleep directly.


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