Psychotherapy in Manchester

Psychotherapy can be a long term commitment lasting anything from a few months to several years.

The aim of psychotherapy is to change not just one or two aspects of your life, but many.

By the end of psychotherapy many clients feel like a different person.

Still the same you, but without so many of the hang ups that hold you back in life.

Psychotherapy is suitable for clients in Manchester who need to take a hard look at themselves, and make lasting changes.


As with counselling and cognitive behavioural psychotherapy (CBT), my main concern for you in psychotherapy is your safety.

Working with a psychotherapist over a longer period needs high levels of mutual trust and integrity.

For this reason I do not take on long term psychotherapy clients unless we have already worked together in counselling or cognitive behavioural psychotherapy (CBT).


When working as a psychotherapist, there is an emphasis on learning about the past and how this impacts on the present.

Formative childhood relationships and experiences are often relevant.

The therapeutic relationship then becomes the arena where many problematic relationship issues will be explored and resolved.


As psychotherapy treatment progresses there is a greater emphasis on looking to the future, building the life you want to lead, and equipping you with the skills and knowledge you will need in your new life.

In workning with my Manchester psychotherapy clients I draw on humanistic, person centred, psychodynamic and cognitive behavioural techniques including schema therapy, hypnotherapymindfulness and meditation and EMDR psychotherapy.


I offer psychotherapy in Manchester for a range of common problems including:

Psychotherapy in Manchester for chronic and enduring depression.

Psychotherapy in Manchester for chronic and enduring anxiety.

Psychotherapy in Manchester for sexual abuse.

Psychotherapy in Manchester for dysfunctional or abusive childhoods.

Psychotherapy in Manchester for eating disorders.

Psychotherapy in Manchester for personality disorders.

Psychotherapy in Manchester for chronic and enduring low self esteem.


If you have a diagnosed or diagnosable mental health issue of recent onset, such as an anxiety disorder or depression, then cognitive behavioural psychotherapy (CBT) should be considerred as it may help resolve your issues quickly.

However, if you need to make important decisions in your life, or need someone to talk to outside your friends and family on a short term basis, then counselling might be a better option.

If your problems are within your relationship, such as a sexual problem, or a recurring pattern to a distressing argument, then relationship counselling with your partner is the to be recommended.

At our initial informal assessment session we can decide what is likely to be the best way forward for you.


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