mindfulness based psychotherapy in manchester

The CBT psychotherapy field got very excited about ten years ago with the introduction of mindfulness and meditation into it’s armory of techniques.

It seemed that no new CBT psychotherapy treatment protocol was not complete without some mindfulness and / or meditation.

The fact that spiritual traditions had been using them to good effect for millennia seemed to have missed them bye.

It was as if the techniques were plucked out of their spiritual traditions, and offered to clients as the latest ‘scientific’ fix.


However there is a lot of science that supports incorporating mindfulness and meditation into psychotherapy.

I discuss some of it in my book ‘The Enlightenment Plan’.

I also produced a range of mindfulness and meditation CD’s to accompany the book.

Links for both can be found on this site.


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My approach to mindfulness based psychotherapy in Manchester


My approach to mindfulness based psychotherapy in Manchester is to be open to the deeper spiritual insights that mindfulness and meditation offers.

Yes it has the power to help improve your mental wellbeing.

Yet it offers so much more.

It could even transform your life.

This is not to say I come from a particular spiritual worldview.

Whether you are Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, agnostic or atheistic, mindfulness and meditation will challenge your perception of the world, and has the power to open you up to something bigger than you can even imagine right now.

My role in mindfulness based psychotherapy in Manchester is to support you in that exploration and enquiry.


So in short, I do encourage the practice of mindfulness and meditation as part of my CBT, counselling and psychotherapy treatments.

But I am also very respectful that their power lies in their ability to transform lives, not just symptoms.


As a mindfulness based psychotherapy in Manchester practitioner, I only suggest mindfulness and meditation after a careful assessment of your symptoms, and only if I feel it may be of benefit to you.


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