EMDR Manchester

I offer an EMDR Manchester service.


EMDR stands for eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing.

A bit of a mouthful I know, and if the creators of this psychotherapy were to rename it according to modern practice, they probably would have called it something different!


What is important is what this therapy can do for you.


EMDR psychotherapy was developed as a way to treat trauma.

Traumatic memories have a habit of ‘sticking’, and coming back to haunt us – something called ‘flash backs’.

Furthermore, if something traumatic happens to us, we tend to form negative beliefs about ourselves as a consequence.


EMDR psychotherapy helps you to access the traumatic memories, and reprocess them so they sort of disappear.

Furthermore, you can also change the negative beliefs you have about yourself at the same time.


This psychotherapy technique itself is straightforward, and most people can tolerate it extremely well.


The obvious candidate for EMDR Manchester psychotherapy is someone who has experienced a traumatic event, like a road traffic accident or a sudden death.

Events like these often develop into post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


However, many mental health conditions, like depressionanxiety and eating disorders have trauma as their root cause, often long ago in childhood.

Sometimes this is sexual abuse, parental abuse or school bullying.

EMDR Manchester is also a good psychotherapy to help resolve these kinds of issues too.


EMDR also has a role to play in other conditions, particularly those that involve compulsion, like addiction or eating disorders.


I have been practicing EMDR psychotherapy in Manchester now for some time, and I’ve been impressed with how issues can be resolved.


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This is a list of problems that may benefit from EMDR Manchester psychotherapy.

success with EMDR Manchester

EMDR for PTSD in Manchester

EMDR for chronic depression in Manchester

EMDR for binge eating disorder in Manchester

EMDR for sex addiction in Manchester

EMDR for childhood trauma in Manchester

EMDR for addiction in Manchester


If you live in Manchester and considering EMDR, I offer a free 30 minute telephone consultation to discuss your needs.


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(Note you have to be physically present with me here in Manchester to benefit from EMDR psychotherapy).