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As a psychotherapist I have worked with many clients with eating disorder.

I have also supervised other psychotherapists who specialise in working with eating disorders.


There are four common types of eating disorder.


This type of eating disorder is characterised by the reduction of body weight by not eating.

It is the most dangerous eating disorder in that unless it is reversed, the person is in danger of starving himself or herself to death.



In this eating disorder, the person binge eats, then ‘purges’, by vomiting.

This eating disorder is very distressing for the person, and their family, and can lead to long-term health problems like the depletion of tooth enamel.


Binge eating disorder.

In this eating disorder the person binge eats, but does not purge.

As a consequence the person puts on large amounts of weight, undermining their confidence and self esteem.

Heavy weight gain often leads to diabetes and related conditions.



In this eating disorder, careful control of weight is augmented with excessive exercise with the aim of changing body shape.

People with bigorexia often add illegally sourced drugs such as T3 and steroids to achieve their goals.

The use of these drugs also complicated their condition.


All eating disorders can affect both men and women.


My psychotherapy approach to eating disorders is to focus more on the underlying causes of eating distress, and allow the eating disorder to take care of itself.

Following this approach I am interested in equipping my clients with the understanding of how their problems arose, heal their past, and get the skills they need to better manage their emotions and behaviours.

A central feature of eating disorders is ‘body dysmorphia’, or not being happy with ones body shape, and I often also target this as psychotherapy progresses.


People with eating disorders often experience shame related to their condition.

As a psychotherapist I can assure you that I will be non judgemental, and treat you with respect, whatever you choose to disclose to me.


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