CBT in Manchester

CBT in Manchester has grown in reputation over recent years, and is now the treatment of choice for many of my Manchester clients.

CBT is proven effective for many of the common difficulties people experience, including depression, stress, and anxiety.

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How CBT Works.

CBT psychotherapy is not an approach that will delve deeply into your past.

CBT psychotherapy focuses upon identifying and changing problem thoughts and behaviours directly.

As a consequence, less time is spent reflecting on the origins of difficulties, and more time is spent overcoming the actual problems themselves.


At the root of CBT is the understanding that the way we feel is a consequence of how we behave and think.

Change how you behave and think, and you will feel better.


Initial CBT sessions are designed to collect information to produce a ‘CBT formulation’, or model, of how your difficulties started and are maintained.

This part of CBT psychotherapy treatment is not designed to be therapeutic as such, but many people find knowing how their problems ‘work’ is greatly helpful.


With the CBT formulation in place, we can start tackling the patterns of thoughts and behaviours directly.

Targeting specific thoughts and behaviours has the effect of making the problems dissolve as new, more helpful, thoughts, behaviours, skills and techniques are introduced.


Many of my CBT in Manchester clients say the skills they learn in CBT psychotherapy help them with other life problems.

These are powerful CBT psychotherapy techniques that are highly effective and backed by years of empirical evidence.

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CBT in Manchester : Availability.

CBT in Manchester is widely practiced in the NHS, and is recommended by NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence) as the first line of attack for many mental health problems.

Depending on where you live, however, referral for CBT on the NHS can take over a year.

Given the earlier mental health issues are treated, the quicker and more effective the treatment will be, you might decide that the wait for the Manchester NHS referral is too long.

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I offer CBT in Manchester for a range of common mental health issues including:

success with cbt in manchester

CBT for anxiety in Manchester.

CBT for depression in Manchester.

CBT for OCD (obsessional compulsive disorder) in Manchester.

CBT for health anxiety in Manchester.

CBT for social anxiety in Manchester.

CBT for chronic worry (generalised anxiety disorder) in Manchester.

CBT for PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) in Manchester.

CBT for panic in Manchester.

CBT for phobias in Manchester.

CBT for stress in Manchester.

CBT for low self esteem in Manchester.

CBT for alcohol missuse in Manchester.

CBT for sex addiction in Manchester.

CBT for anger management in Manchester.

CBT for premature ejaculation in Manchester.

CBT for perfectionism in Manchester.

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How Long Does CBT in Manchester Take?

With a private self-referral, it is not uncommon to have you first CBT session with a Manchester therapist within days.

CBT psychotherapy for uncomplicated issues with recent onset can take 5 to 20 sessions.

Chronic or enduring mental health issues can take longer.


CBT psychotherapy is often most effective in combination with medication, and other techniques like EMDRhypnoses and mindfulness exercises.

This is a practical, time limited approach to therapy, one that instinctively appeals to many of my Manchester clients.

However, if you find it difficult to pin down what you think is wrong, or you feel the need to explore aspects of your past, present or future in a less structured way, need to make decisions in your life, or just need someone to talk to outside your friends and family, then counselling might be a better option.


If your problems stem from childhood, or have been chronic and enduring for many years, or if you have a large number of difficulties to overcome, then schema psychotherapy might be a better option.

This is a CBT method of dealing with chronic problems.


At our initial informal assessment session at my South Manchester home,  we can decide what is likely to be the best way forward for you.

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Qualifications as a CBT Practitioner.

qualifications of manchester psychotherapist phil tyson phd

I am a fully qualified CBT practitioner, holding a Post Graduate Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy from Edge Hill University.

I am a member of the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotheray, and Accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.


I keep up to date with new development in CBT with ongoing training and supervision and use the latest techniques including mindfulness based cognitive therapy and schema therapy.


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