CBT psychotherapy for worry / GAD in Manchester

Although we all worry to some extent, when worry gets out of control, it can make life unbearable.

Psychotherapists call excessive and uncontrolled worry ‘Generalised Anxiety Disorder’ or GAD for short.

The typical profile for a worrier is that they learnt to worry as a child, often between 12 and 14, and suffer without help until their early 30’s.

By this time of course, the worry habit has really taken hold.


Basically worriers tend to do two things:

  • They over think an uncertain future.
  • They underestimate their ability to cope.


Cognitive behavioural psychotherapy for worry, if nothing else, must tackle these two habits of the worrier.

There is a lot more to worry than this, of course, and a careful assessment by a psychotherapist is vital to help identify the most effective strategy for change.

CBT psychotherapy for worry first involves the careful observation of problematic thoughts, feeling, behaviour and beliefs.

In psychotherapy we then create a shared understanding of what is happening, then introduce new techniques to help you cope better.


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