CBT for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) in Manchester

cbt for obsessive compulsive disorder manchester

The phrase ‘Obsessive Compulsive Disorder’ (OCD) covers a wide range of thought patterns and behaviours.

I cover the main OCD types on my blog, and even this list isn’t exhaustive!

The list includes:

  • Symmetry
  • Hoarding
  • Religious
  • Sexual
  • Responsibility
  • Violent


There is a basic pattern that underlies all OCD manifestations and it is this:

  • Unwelcome thoughts intrude into the persons mind causing anxiety.
  • The person then feels compelled to do a range of mental, or behavioural actions, to remove or pacify the thoughts and the anxiety they bring.


As a psychotherapist in Manchester I have treated all forms of OCD over the years.

CBT psychotherapy is extremely useful.

I often combine CBT psychotherapy with other modalities, such as transactional analyses (TA) and hypnotherapy to get the best outcome for my clients.


Like all anxiety disorders, OCD can be mild, moderate or severe.

What is clear, is that it can be one of the most disabling mental health problems, one that many Manchester people suffer from.

One study found that the quality of life of an average OCD sufferer was worse than the quality of life of an average schizophrenia patient.

The reason for this is probably that schizophrenia can often be reasonably well controlled with medication these days, but the nature of OCD is that it intrudes and disrupts every aspect of a person’s life.


As with all mental health problems, OCD is best treated by a psychotherapist early.

The cognitive behavioural psychotherapy (CBT) approach to obsessive compulsive disorder is to first help the sufferer understand their thinking and behaviour much more clearly, before helping the person to change their thinking and behaviours.

New skills are taught to help you cope better.


In reality, most of the clients I see in Manchester have been suffering with OCD for many years.

Often I am not the first psychotherapist to be consulted on the problem.

OCD often needs a multi psychotherapy technique approach to get the best outcomes.

For this reason it is best to consult a psychotherapist who can work over a number of modalities.


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