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One of the most common problems hypnotherapists see is the problem of getting off to sleep.

It’s easy to understand why.

If we don’t get the sleep we need we often feel exhausted through the day.

If this happens too often, it is not a pleasant way to live.

Hypnosis for sleep problems needs to first address the root cause.

Many people are simply unaware that many of the things they do inhibit restful sleep.

Establishing good ‘sleep hygiene’ is therefore crucial to resolving this problem.

This is different for different people and may include dealing with intrusive thoughts and worry and building a comfortable nighttime space for someone else.

The causes of poor sleep are multifaceted.

One thing is sure though, once you have set up your life so that sleep comes naturally, and trained yourself in powerful self hypnosis techniques, you will enjoy and gain the full benefits of a good, restful, nights sleep.


As a psychotherapist I would only offer you hypnotherapy after a careful assessment of your circumstances, and only if hypnotherapy is indicated in your case.


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