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Our intimate relationships are a source of enormous satisfaction… when they are going well.

But when they are going badly, nothing makes us feel quite so miserable and unhappy.

That is when relationship counselling can help.


I am a relationship counsellor and psychotherapist, and I have been helping couples overcome their relationship difficulties for over 18 years.

I offer face-to-face relationship counselling and sex therapy in South Manchester.


My relationship counselling clients tend to fall into three groups.

relationship counselling for gay couples


  1. Couples who are committed to each other, but find they have a difficulty they can’t resolve themselves.

The problem may be a sexual issue, such as premature ejaculation.

Alternatively, it can be something as simple as a recurring argument they just can’t stop having.


2.  Couples who are on the verge of separation for whom counselling is “the last resort”.

Whether you eventually decide to stay together or part, I support both people through the process, helping you to make the right decision for both of you.


3.  Individuals who may or may not have a partner, but feel they have relationship issues that are preventing them from enjoying a trusting loving relationship.


The question I often get asked is “what if my partner won’t come?”

My suggestion is to come along to relationship counselling anyway.

A lot can be achieved by working with one person.


I work with straight, gay or polyamorous couples, whether you are married or not and I am kink aware.


How I Work in Relationship Counselling.

manchester psychotherapist work history

For those of you who are familiar with psychotherapeutic terminology, I would describe myself as an integrative psychotherapy practitioner, but being committed to the Person Centred psychotherapy approach as my core theoretical model.

I am also heavily influenced by cognitive behavioural therapy, Freudian psychoanalysis and transpersonal perspectives.


What does this mean?

I am first and foremost committed to the uniqueness of the couple in my work, and of their ability to find the most creative and constructive solutions to their difficulties – I am not the kind of relationship counsellor or psychotherapist who tells you how to live your life.

I am committed to working flexibly, drawing on other approaches to psychotherapy where appropriate – I am not a dogmatic psychotherapist.

I am committed to using psychotherapy techniques that can be shown to create measurable changes in suitable couples – I believe in results.

I am sensitive to the impact that childhood relationships have on our behaviour, particularly those aspects of our behaviour that can be observed by others, but are not always noticed by the person themselves – I believe that sometimes we have to dig deep to get over our difficulties, but only sometimes.

I am open to the spiritual beliefs of clients and how they help inform our decisions and life view.

I am committed to making my relationship counselling and psychotherapy service accessible to couples irrespective of ethnic or cultural background, sexuality, age, health status or disability.


I’m happy to discuss your situation by telephone before you make an appointment.

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Our relationships, whether that be with lovers, family friends or the community are essential for good mental and emotional health.

relationship counselling and psychotherapy in manchester


There are two good reasons for this:


First, our relationships buffer us from the negative effects of stress.

It is to the people we love and trust we take our everyday troubles.

If our relationships are of low quality, we don’t receive that protection.


Second, if the relationships we need to support us our are not meeting our needs, we tend to experience that as distressing in itself.

If our relationships are chaotic, so is our mind and emotions.


Unfortunately our capacity to build and sustain healthy relationships cannot be taken for granted.

For some people, we found it difficult to form the relationships we need in childhood, and have struggled to do any better as an adult.


As a counsellor and psychotherapist, I pay careful attention to the relationships in my clients’ life.

Some clients come to me for counselling and psychotherapy because they cant form any relationships at all.

Some clients come to me for counselling and psychotherapy because their relationships are breaking down.


A great deal of good work can be done in individual counselling and psychotherapy with relationship issues.

Sometimes, particularly for intimate relationships, you may need to come as a couple.

However the choice is yours.


As a psychotherapist I always aim to carefully assess your individual circumstances, to give you the right information about what is going wrong, and how you can best address the issues you face.


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