cbt psychotherapy and counsellingWelcome to my psychotherapy service here in Manchester.  I offer a quality cognitive behavioural (cbt), hypnotherapy, counselling and psychotherapy service in South Manchester.

My name is Phil Tyson, and I have worked and trained as a therapist since the early 1990’s. I have built a busy and successful independent practice helping people like you overcome their life, relationship and emotional difficulties.

Many prospective clients have heard of ‘cognitive behavioural therapy’ and have been recommended it by ex-clients or health care professionals. There are good reasons for its popularity: It is well researched, and its techniques and protocols have been repeatedly shown to be effective for most clients.

I am qualified and practice as a cognitive behavioural therapist, but I also recognize not everybody needs a focused and structured way out of their problems. Sometimes we need to talk through our difficulties. Fortunately I am also a qualified counsellor/psychotherapist.

My style of therapy is to listen when you need to talk things through, and offer structured solutions when you are ready to move on.

Interestingly the research suggests that about 2/3‘s of clients want an unstructured space to talk, and about 1/3 of clients prefer the structure of cbt. My experience is that most clients need different things at different stages of therapy.

I am experienced and highly qualified in the field. I am an Accredited Member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy. I have a degree in psychology (1st), two research degrees in counselling and psychotherapy (M.Phil, PhD). I hold a Diploma in Counselling, a Post Graduate Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy and an Accredited Diploma in Creative Hypnotherapy. I am also a member of the British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy, a Practitioner Member of the General Hypnotherapy Register, and a Graduate Member of the British Psychological Society.

Psychotherapy/Counselling/CBT Can Help with:

This is not an exhaustive list by any means.  Please feel free to browse the further information about cognitive behavioural therapy, counselling and psychotherapy and the work I do.

Here are the most often F.A.Q.’s about therapy.

When you are ready to make contact, you can contact me here. I offer a free telephone consultation to discuss your needs.