LGBT counselling in manchester

As a gay man my first contact with LQBT counselling in Manchester was at the height of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the 1990’s.

I undertook research into the community response to HIV and AIDS.

In particular I focussed on the counselling interventions HIV+ gay men received.

I watched as many of the gay men (and some women) lost their lives to the virus.

On the bases of this community engagement I taught health professionals about HIV and AIDS counselling at the Manchester Metropolitan University.

I also taught a broader social aspects of AIDS course to undergraduates.

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My Interest in LGBT Counselling in Manchester.


LGBT counselling in manchester

I was, and still am, interested in the relationship of low self-esteem in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans community and our health behaviours.

I currently run an online community engagement project targeting gay men who ‘bug chase’ and inject crystal meth, where I offer relevant counselling and support.


As a counsellor and psychotherapist in independent practice, I am well placed to serve the broader counselling and psychotherapy needs of the Manchester lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans community.

Since starting counselling and psychotherapy in private practice 1996, I have helped gay men and lesbians come to terms with their sexuality, and helped gay men, bisexuals and lesbians face down the discrimination we still face making our way in society.

As a relationship counsellor I have also helped gay men and lesbians in their same sex relationships, and mixed gender couples cope with one, or both, people being bisexual or trans.

I am also fully trained in CBT, hypnotherapy and EMDR forms of psychotherapy.

LGBT counselling in Manchester doesn’t have to be with trainees, or those with low levels of qualifications!

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Our Trans Community.

LGBT counselling in manchester

The trans community deserves a special mention at the moment, as they face the new ‘moral panic’ of our time.

Trans issues are getting a lot of negative air time these days, and trans issues are often politicised in unhelpful ways.

The threat of suicide is ever present in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans community, and statistically the trans community are the individuals currently most likely to take their own life.

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How I work: LGBT Counselling in Manchester.

LGBT counselling in manchester

If you are a gay man, lesbian, a bisexual man or woman, or trans, in whatever form that takes for you, my aim is to offer you a high quality counselling,  psychotherapy, CBT, hypnotherapy or EMDR service, one that reflects your individuality and needs as an LGBT person.

As a professional psychotherapist with a long history of LGBT community engagement, I am well placed to offer LGBT counselling in Manchester and help you to navigate the straight, cis. gender world.

Also, and just as important, help you to navigate the often-unhelpful ways the LGBT community functions in its bars and online communities.


However, in my Manchester counselling and psychotherapy practice, I realise not all the issues lesbians, gay men, bisexuals or trans people face are LGBT in focus!

If you explore this site you will see I offer a broad range of counselling and psychotherapy skills that may be relevant to you.


Whatever the issues you are facing right now, I am confident I have the skills and community engagement to help you overcome your difficulties, and build your mental fitness.


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