hypnotherapy for IBS manchester and psychotherapy

Irritable bowel syndrome is a descriptive diagnosis which hides a multitude of causes.

If you have suffered with IBS for any length of time you will be aware of the range of possible causes and it is not my role to help you with the overall management of IBS that is between you and your doctor.

The rationale for hypnosis as a tool to treat IBS is that it has been found that IBS sufferers are sometimes more sensitive to the movements of the bowel than non IBS sufferers.

Hypnosis, of course, is brilliant at helping with pain management.

So the idea is that relief from symptoms can be brought about through the use of hypnosis.

My approach to IBS is therefore to equip you with the self hypnosis techniques you need to bring relief to your IBS symptoms.

As a psychotherapist I of course first assess your particular circumstances, before offering you the best treatment for you.


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