depression hypnotherapy and psychotherapy manchester

Depression is a mixture of symptoms including low mood, fatigue, lack of motivation, changes in appetite, loss of libido, and disruptions of sleep patterns.

Many people with depression also feel anxious.

Untreated depression can recur time after time and become a chronic problem, which will seriously impact on your life chances and income.

Fortunately depression is one of the more treatable mental health problems and hypnotherapy can help to let go of the past and visualize a better future.


Cognitive hypnotherapy is a powerful and effective way to help restructure the process of unhelpful thinking itself.

Behavioural hypnotherapy will free you to engage in those activities that bring you valued rewards.


Shifting depression can seem overwhelming at first.

Even contacting the psychotherapist can seem too much to do.

I understand this.


You’ll be reassured to know that my psychotherapy clients have a fantastic track record of beating depression, and gently as the weeks pass, you will find you start to wake up from your low mood, and start living with passion once again.

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