BACP counselling supervision in manchester

“I received a great deal of support from Phil … and benefited from his broad experience of therapy … which helped me to deepen my understanding of my work with clients ” Claire Counsellor.


I offer one-to-one supervision to qualified and trainee therapists from any theoretical background who are interested in a supportive and empowering relationship to explore their work with clients.

I bring a broad range of experience of working with different client groups in a range of organisational contexts including the voluntary sector, the NHS, and independent practice.

For me, without diminishing the importance of theory, I see therapy as being less about the theoretical perspectives we bring to our relationships with clients, and more about the quality of the therapeutic relationship itself.

I bring this understanding of the therapeutic relationship to my work with supervisee’s.


As a counselling/psychotherapy supervisor I aim to:

1 Support and hold you in your work with clients.
2 Provide a safe place to bring your ‘dark’ or ‘vulnerable’ side as a practitioner.
3 Create a space where you feel able to develop professionally as a therapist.
I understand that all supervisees have their own areas of competence which will often exceed my own.

In this spirit I see supervision as a collaborative collegiate activity where together we work on the issues that are of concern to you.


I work within the BACP Code of Ethics.

As an Accredited Member I’m happy to help people working towards Accreditation themselves.

However I cannot support practitioners working towards other accreditation schemes such as the BACP or BPS.


How I Work.

I would describe myself as an integrative therapist and supervisor, but being committed to the Person Centred approach as my core theoretical model.

I am also heavily influenced by cognitive behavioural therapy and Freudian psychoanalysis.


What does this mean?

1 I am first and foremost committed to the uniqueness of the supervisee in my work and of their ability to find the most creative and constructive solutions to their supervision issues – I am not the kind of supervisor who tells you what to do.
2 I am committed to working flexibly, drawing on different approaches to therapy where appropriate – I am not a purist but neither am I dogmatic.
3 I am committed to using evidence based practice where this is available and appropriate.
4 I am sensitive to the impact that childhood relationships have on our behaviour, particularly those aspects of our behaviour that can be observed by others, but are not always noticed by the person themselves – I believe that sometimes we have to dig deep to work effectively with our clients, but only sometimes.
My practice is also informed by my graduate and postgraduate studies in psychology, sociology and philosophy. I am interested in mindfulness in psychotherapy, Gestalt, TA, brief solution focussed therapy, transpersonal approaches to psychotherapy, exercise and nutrition in mental health and wellbeing, and psychobiological and sociobiological perspectives on behaviour.

I am committed to making my service accessible to supervisees irrespective of ethnic or cultural background, gender, sexuality, age, health status or disability.


I charge £90 per 1.5 hour session and am happy to discuss your needs over the telephone before making an appointment.